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Loved this book! It kept me up at night because I didn't want to put it down. Loved that it was a clean romance, with plot twists and spiritual encouragement along the way. Looking forward to more from this author!

Worth staying up late for!

Sarasota, FL

I just loved this book, it did not lead you on a wild goose chase and then waste your time. It had a very good flow and I will definitely look for more from this author. I would give this more stars if possible but am limited to five.

I just loved this book

Southwest Florida

Through a Shattered Image is an excellent Christian themed romantic suspense book written by Linda Widrick. Exciting storyline and wonderful characters. I definitely will look for more of her books. Thanks to NetGalley and Prism Book Group for the complimentary copy. This is a voluntary review.

Exciting storyline and wonderful characters


I downloaded the sample for later, but decided to check it out. By the time I got to the end of the sample I could not stop! I had to buy the rest of the book right away and pretty much left everything else aside and kept reading till I got to the end. It's that kind of story. It draws you in, and has enough depth and unexpected turns to keep you turning the pages.

A winner on my list


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Available for purchase on amazon!

Through a Shattered Image

Karina Rubenski is forced to abandon her life in Miami to assume a new identity under the guise of Leah. Nestled in a small village in upstate NY, the US Marshal assured her she’d be safe. Still, she looks over her shoulder, fearful that one day her past and present may collide.

Phillip Zellmer didn’t expect a challenge when he hired Leah to work at his NY hangar. No one moved him like this in years. Yet Phillip has an identity secret of his own, and he fears the day Leah discovers the truth. When she does, will Phillip survive beneath the rubble?

A mother’s spiritual awakening catapults a stranger into the mix who bears an uncanny resemblance to the witness. Soon their lives intertwine like a threefold cord—with a match lit at both ends.

Will Leah survive long enough to find hope Through a Shattered Image?

Published with Prism Book Group - check out more titles on their website.

Below are samples of projects that are currently brewing in Linda's head...

after a few good cups of coffee!

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Genre: Women's Fiction/Romantic Suspense
Status: Writing - Stay tuned!


Genre: Women's Fiction/Romantic Suspense
Status: Rewrite - In Progress

Genre: Women's Fiction/Romantic Suspense
Release Date:  March 2020


Really enjoyed this book! Christian values written into a suspenseful crime story. It will definitely inspire you and keep you wanting for more.

Great read!

Sarasota, FL

Nice first book from Linda Widrick. Good plot and enough mystery to satisfy mainstream readers. For those wanting a strong spiritual theme, this is your book.

Christian-themed romantic suspense


An engaging and clever story line filled with suspense and romance that builds on faith and trust. Very well written and thought provoking. Kathy Herman and Dee Henderson fans will enjoy! High recommendation!

Well written and thought provoking.


Suspenseful excitement from the very first page leads you into the life of twenty-eight-year old Karina Rubenski--her completely new shell of a life, that is, in the witness protection program. Characters are well-developed, and the storyline is peeled back one layer at a time, at just the right speed. This is a superb crime novel with a strong blend of Christian values. Widrick includes several good twists of events, and answers all of your questions, leaving you with the satisfaction of a great read. I look forward to more from this author!

A superb crime novel with a strong blend of Christian values

Greenville, SC

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story line was fast paced, riveting, and full of fascinating twists! It definitely inspires faith and challenges the reader to higher levels of trust in the Lord. I will be watching for new titles from this author!

This is an EXCELLENT read!

Sarasota, FL

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